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img1 Founded in 2001, the Tefahot Hesder Yeshiva is a unique educational institution. Situated in the Galilee, Tefahot was a small isolated community surrounded by the Druze village called Maghar. The Yeshiva’s main educational philosophy is to realize the potential of each individual student; developing his unique personality hand in hand with instilling social awareness and the importance of giving to others. The Yeshiva raises the students to participate actively in the larger society in which they reside.
In addition to their yeshiva studies, the students enlist in the army, do volunteer work, assist local farmers with guard duty, engage in charitable activities and tutor pupils in Merom Galilee, among many other community outreach projects.

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The Wedding

Click here to see a short video about the wedding the Yeshiva organized for new converts.
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“הצדיקים הטהורים
אינם קובלים על הרשעה
אלא מוסיפים צדק,
אינם קובלים על הכפירה
אלא מוסיפים אמונה,
אינם קובלים על הבערות
אלא מוסיפים חוכמה.”
הרב קוק

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